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If Abraham is the father of Islam, why does the shahada have Muhammad's name? Why not only God's name?

Muslims frequently say that the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) is the father of their religion. If this is true, should not the statement bearing witness to faith be, "Ashadu An Laa Elaaha Ella Allah" (i.e., "I bear witness that there is no god but God" )? How would the Prophet Abraham and the Prophet Ismail or Isaac know the name of the Prophet Muhammad's and how can they bear witness to him when he was not a prophet yet?



Thanks Peacef4God for proving common proclamation of faith in God's name only.

Shahaadah of all God’s messengers since Adam:

I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Quran [21:25] We did not send ANY MESSENGER before you except with the inspiration: "There is no god except Me; you shall worship Me alone."

See First Pillar of Islam (Submission) http://www.masjidtucson.org/quran/appendices/appendix13.html

The Most Important Commandment*

[3:18] GOD bears witness that there is no god EXCEPT HE, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute god; there is no god BUT HE, the Almighty, Most Wise.

(*) 3:18 The proclamation of faith (Shahaadah) that is decreed by God is: "There is no god except God," in Arabic "La Elaaha Ella Allah"(see also 37:35, 47:19). The corrupted Muslims insist upon adding a second "Shahaadah" proclaiming that Muhammad is God's messenger. This is by definition "Shirk" (idolatry) and a flagrant defiance of God and His messenger. Additionally, it violates the major commandments in 2:136, 2:285, 3:84, & 4:150-152 prohibiting any distinction among God's messengers. By proclaiming that "Muhammad is a messenger of God," and failing to make the same proclamation for other messengers such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Saleh, and Jonah, a distinction is committed and a major commandment is violated.

Islam is called “Millat Ibrahim” (Religion of Abraham) throughout Quran (2:130, 135; 3:95; 4:125; 6:161; 12:37-38; 16:123; 21:73; 22:78).

Also: Muhammad: A Follower of Abraham*

[16:123] Then we inspired you (Muhammad) to follow the RELIGION of Abraham,* the monotheist; he never was an idol worshiper.

(*)16:123 This informs us that all religious practices, which came to us through Abraham, were intact at the time of Muhammad see 22:78 and Appendix 9).

As per Quran, Muslims must follow Abraham's religion.

[3:95] Say, "GOD has proclaimed the truth: You shall FOLLOW Abraham's religion―monotheism. He never was an idolator."

Lã Elãha Ellã Allãh: First Commandment [47:19] You shall know that: "There is NO OTHER god beside GOD,"* and ask forgiveness of your sins and the sins of all believing men and women. GOD is fully aware of your decisions and your ultimate destiny.

(*)47:19 Significantly, the "First Pillar" of religion is stated in the sura entitled Muhammad, and is utterly devoted to God alone. Muhammad's name was added by his idolizers, against his will.

Muhammad’s name was added later by his idolizers/ enemies:

Hadith & Sunna: Fabrications by the Prophet's Enemies [6:112] We have permitted the enemies of every prophet―human and jinn devils―to inspire in each other fancy words, in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications.

Even corrupted Hadith falsely attributed to God’s last Prophet shows correct Shahaadah:

(i) Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, “Whoever said “None has the right to be worshipped but Allah (LA ILAHA ILL – ALLAH) and has in his heart good (faith) ...Sahi Bukhari Volume 1, Book 2, Number 42

Also see THREE other hadiths in: http://www.truth-about-islam.org/2011/07/29/adding-his-name-to-the-first-pillar-of-islam-shahada/

Prophet Muhammad prohibited writing down anything from him except Quran and maintained his anti-hadith stand until his death:

http://www.masjidtucson.org/quran/appendices/appendix12.html http://www.masjidtucson.org/quran/appendices/appendix9.html

Thus last Prophet will disown those who deserted God’s Quran** and followed fabricated Hadith and Sunna falsely attributed to him:

http://www.masjidtucson.org/quran/appendices/appendix19.html http://www.masjidtucson.org/quran/appendices/appendix20.html

[25:30] The messenger said, "My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran."

Please note the following regarding the last Prophet:

Human like any other Prophet/ Messenger: 39:3, 3:144 He could not help anyone: 7:188; 10:49; 39:65; 72:21-22 He was not the final messenger: 33:40.

Not The Final Messenger*

[33:40] Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things.

(*)33:40 Despite this clear definition of Muhammad, most Muslims insist that he was the last prophet and also the last messenger. This is a tragic human trait as we see in 40:34. Those who readily believe God realize that God sends His purifying and consolidating Messenger of the Covenant after the final prophet Muhammad (3:81, 33:7).**






Please note additional information about the correct Shahaadah.