On what basis are people accusing Dr. Rashad Khalifa and Submitters to be Zionists / supporting Zionism?

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[2:62] Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in GOD, and (2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

God: The Only Judge [22:17] Those who believe, those who are Jewish, the converts, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, and the idol worshipers, GOD is the One who will judge among them on the Day of Resurrection. GOD witnesses all things.

Many Muslims have a difficult time accepting that God (in Quran) treats anyone who believes in God, the Last Day and leads a righteous life -- the same. This means according to the Quran, righteous Jews, Christians and Muslims have an equal chance of Paradise. Which is against the "teachings" of some narrow-minded preachers/mullahs. However, Khalifa's translation advocates this concept of "universal unity" of those who submit to and worship God. A concept that politicians and religious leaders are unhappy with.

That, combined with the fact that Rashad Khalifa changed the title of Chapter (Sura) 17 back to its old/original form, i.e., "The Children of Israel" (instead of "Night Journey"), upset many parochial preachers.

It's logical that the Creator of the heavens and earth, God Almighty, is the God of anyone who worships the One, not just the god of the "Muslims" or "Jews".

Rashad Khalifa disapproved the use of words of men in all religions (please see for example footnote to Quran verse 34:43 and Appendix 33. He related Mishnah (Hadith) and Gemarrah (Sunna) with the invention of trinity at the Nicene Conference, 325 years after Jesus. Someone professing that a righteous Christian is a Submitter (Muslim in Arabic) does not make that person a Christian in the same way referring to a righteous Jew as a Submitter does not make him a Zionist or pro-Zionist person either.

A person with pro-Zionist ideologies will have difficulty in translating this verse of the Quran as done by Rashad Khalifa at least not as clearly as done by Dr. Khalifa, some of the traditional translation for comparison sake.

[17:4] We addressed the Children of Israel in the scripture: "You will commit gross evil on earth, twice. You are destined to fall into great heights of arrogance.

[Pickthal 17:4] And We decreed for the Children of Israel in the Scripture: Ye verily will work corruption in the earth twice, and ye will become great tyrants. [Yusufali 17:4] And We gave (Clear) Warning to the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice would they be punished)!

He declared in Appendix 2 of his Quran translation that “The mission of God’s Messenger of the Covenant is to confirm existing scriptures, purify them, and consolidate them into one divine message. The Quran states that such a messenger is charged with restoring God’s message to its pristine purity, to lead the righteous believers—Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, and others—out of darkness into the light (5:19 & 65:11). He is to proclaim that Islam(total submission to God) is the only religion acceptable by God (3:19).”

This shows that he had a Universal mission of unifying all the people who worship God Alone.