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Miracle of 19 in Quranic Initialed Suras: Sura 13

Of the 29 Quran Suras (of the 114) that have verse 1 as Quranic initials (Muqattat), المر (Alif. Lam. Mim. Ra.) (A. L. M. R) in Sura 13 constitute a major component of the Quran's built-in proof of divine authorship, the miraculous mathematical code. These initials prefixing Sura, No. 13, the total frequency of occurrence of the four letters is 1482, or 19x78. The letter “A” occurs 605 times, “L” occurs 480 times, “M” occurs 260 times, and “R” occurs 137 times in this sura.

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