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One of the Great Miracles [74:35]

Following is a letter to one of the Wikipedia editor's comments

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Paraphrased Question I: Could the Committee supervised by ‘Uthman etc. (team of scholars to prepare a standard recension** of the Qur'an, because there were too many different versions floating around) during a period of many years, have woven the number 19 into the text - because that recompilation became the principal task of their lives? Arabs and Persians do have a propensity for concealing magic numbers in their writings; [for example, they constructed an 'abjad' system whereby specific values are assigned to each letter of the alphabet, which can then be used to represent a 'hidden message' or pertinent fact within a particular sentence or passage]. (** for more - one may google >> wikipedia Quran recension <<)

We welcome independent Mathematicians and or their forums who could, for example, subject the following to any type of rigorous, statistical analysis:


“Even with the fastest supercomputer available today, it would take over a trillion years (many times longer than the current estimated age of the universe) to even partially replicate the numbers in one set of initialed chapters (Suras) in the Quran." (an excerpt from last above link just for H. M. initialed set of chapters)”


C. excerpts: Imagine that we have the following challenge. The challenge requires that we draw 8 numbers that are between 0 and 9. Anyone who satisfies the following conditions wins the challenge: 1. The first number must be 1. 2. The third number must be 2. 3. The fifth number must be 3. 4. The seventh number must be 4. 5. All the numbers when concatenated (put side by side) must form a number that is a multiple of 19. The resultant 8-digit numbers can vary anywhere from 00000000 to 99999999. This means there are 100 million possible outcomes or combinations. How many times will the above winning conditions be satisfied out of this many combinations? If we knew the answer, then we could determine the probability or the chances of winning the challenge. In order to answer this question, we wrote a computer program to go through every number from 0 to 99,999,999 and determine all the numbers that will satisfy the desired conditions. This program found only 527 such numbers that ranged from 10,203,247 (first possible combination) to 19,293,949 (last possible combination). Therefore, the chance of winning this challenge is 527 out of 100 million or 1 out of 189,753. Based on this information, we can say that the probability of the occurrence of the mathematical phenomenon by coincidence described in Fact 2, is 189,753 to 1. The probability of the mathematical phenomenon in Fact 2 and Fact 3 occurring by coincidence is the same as winning our challenge twice. To determine the probability of winning the challenge twice, we multiply 189,753 by 189,753: 189,753 * 189,753 = 36,006,201,009 In other words, the probability of the mathematical phenomenon in Fact 2 and Fact 3 occurring by coincidence is less than 1 in 36 billion. In comparison, in the California state lottery where six numbers are drawn out of 51, someone has to buy about 18 million $1 tickets to cover every 6-number combination for the grand prize. Therefore, the chances of winning the California lottery, 1 in 18 million, is much better than the chances of the mathematical phenomenon in Fact 2 and Fact 3 occurring by coincidence. Now, let us try the same process once more, and pick another set of eight numbers that will also meet the winning conditions. To determine the probability of winning the challenge three times, or the probability of the mathematical phenomenon in Fact 2, Fact 3 and Fact 4 occurring by coincidence, we multiply 189,753 by itself three times: 189,753 * 189,753 * 189,753 = 6,832,284,660,060,777 The above number is close to seven quadrillion! If you are wondering what a quadrillion is, you are not alone. We had to look in the dictionary to find out what follows the trillions. Thus, there is an almost 1 in seven quadrillion probability that Fact 2, Fact 3, and Fact 4 will occur by coincidence. As you can see, by considering just three of several mathematical facts, we realize that the probability of such numerical combinations occurring by coincidence is extremely miniscule. It is very clear that this probability will approach zero as we take more and more mathematical facts into consideration. D.

Some Comments on the above Aspects: A glimpse at links A, B, C & D above may show that neither Muhammad ( ) nor the team of scholars ( ) could have created this Mathematical structure / code. They could not have anticipated:

(1) that the removal of ;later insertions of 9:128-129 would result in enhancement of the Math code - (Code verifiable Appendix 24 - with history And additional history per >>According to these references, the last two verses of Sura 9 were never confirmed by the criterion of SOURCE MULTIPLICITY. Among the outstanding references that expose this serious discrepancy are<< per

(2) a person by the name of Rashad Khalifa 14 centuries later would discover & proclaim the code and would have his name too many times linked to 19 to be the result of pure chance

(3) that innumerable interwoven 19 Mathematical code throughout the Quran could be built in by any human 1400 years ago for example per without affecting memory bells etc. per (

If indeed the19 based Quran code was even known 14 centuries ago why would it not be proclaimed …:

(4) Neither Prophet Muhammad nor any one of his family, associates nor a single member of the Quran committee, scholars, scribes ever disclosed or proclaimed the awesome interwoven Math Miracle / code/ structure based on any historical or other evidence. Why would it be concealed?

Furthermore, shows:

>>Jones admits there have been 'trifling' changes made to the Uthmanic recension. Khalidi says the traditional Muslim account of the Koran's development is still more or less true. 'I haven't yet seen anything to radically alter my view,' he says. [Jones] believes that the San'a Koran could just be a bad copy that was being used by people to whom the Uthmanic text had not reached yet. 'It's not inconceivable that after the promulgation of the Uthmanic text, it took a long time to filter down.' <<

If the above is possible ..., then it would imply it was Muhammad who fixed the Math code and left it in chronological order....with numerous Math being independent of Sura # e..g. ( Suras 40-46 are also adjacent to each other in revelation order - though HM Sura proofs etc etc. I believe would still stand even if these were not together both ways

The fact that the 19 code also existed in parts of the Old Testament and would be documented.later: also last part of Appendix 1 Rabbi Judah the Pious (12th Century AD) (Some Wikipedia links re: Rabbi Judah the Pious (Rabbi Yehuda HeChassid) of Regensburg, Germany (a); (b)

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